Glass blowing at the torch

Referred to as Lampworking, Flameworking or Torch work.

This is a full six hour day with plenty of hands on instruction and time to make your own pieces.

 You may choose to work with the soft glass 96 C.O.E. or Moretti 104 C.O.E.

Also teaching with the hard glass Borosilicate 33 C.O.E.

Everything needed for your class is included. Please check the Registration form for pricing.

You may also want to compare our price per hour with other studios.

We have seven work stations so feel free to bring some friends to join in.

Classes are offered any day of the week starting at 9am through 4pm.

When it gets to warm for comfort, we kick on the A/C. So come enjoy a fun filled day.

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Located at 24336 FM 1485 Rd. New Caney, Texas 77357
   Ph: 281-689-3311    Email
Glass blowing equipment for sale

Beginners are welcome

Learn shop safety

Improve rotation shills

Recognize flame settings

Making blanks

Pulling points

Hot and cold seals,

Implosion, Encasement,

Filigrana, Latticino, Reticello,
Zanfirico, Millefiori, Murrini

 Understanding glass movement and where to work in the flame are key factors to boosting skill levels.

From stringers and twisted cane to marbles, beads, pendent's, sculptural and more.

Sand-N-Fire Studio