This is the Furnace line where we do the glass blowing making medium to large pieces.
Vases, bowels, cups, plates, paperweights, sculptural work, pulling cane, etc.
These classes are offered during the cooler months of the year
from October through May seven days a week.
Coming back soon so stay in touch.

Below is the Lampworking/Flame working area of the studio where we make
smaller items such as marbles, beads, pendants, stringers,
twisted cane, mini flowers, pipes and other glass art.
These classes are offered in our air conditioned space year around.

           Flameworking Classes  Fusion Classes   Links           Located at 24336 FM 1485 Rd. New Caney, Texas 77357
                                         Ph: 281-689-3311

Sand-n-Fire art glass Studio